The workshop explores technologies that facilitate the management and coordination of people and services as they collaborate towards a common goal in a dynamic ecosystem of partners, providers, and suppliers in the service cloud environment. Many research problems are emerging in this theme. How social media helps people find the best suited services (on service marketplace for example Google Apps Marketplace) or people (via for example crowd-sourcing platforms such as Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower, oDesk) to collaborate organically in business processes to achieve a common goal? How to encourage peers (via for example, games or incentives) to actively participate in cross-organization or even global collaboration? How to align service clouds and the operational level on top of them to business strategy or high-level goals of an enterprise? How to model and manage dynamic, flexible and elastic business processes in this globally distributed ecosystem which presents challenges such as integration of different sub systems, compensation, end-to-end monitoring, analysis, optimization and the like? Many factors contribute to the intricacy of the problem of cross-enterprise collaboration.

The workshop will serve as a forum for discussion among academic and industrial researchers as well as practitioners and students interested in addressing problems in the emerging area. The workshop will further provide an opportunity to bridge academia and industry in order to connect business needs with research efforts and apply research achievements into real-world practice.

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